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8080 CPU

I am no longer active in this hobby for the foreseeable future. 
I will no longer maintain or update the website, but I will leave it accessible to the web for as long as possible (years).


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8080 Processor Board

Along with the 6800 and 6500 series, this board was among the first processors originally offered by The Digital Group. It was also the preferred processor of that group, and along with the Z80, the only processor supported with DG software. 

When the Z80 was introduced, sales of this processor fell off the map and only those who had some special reason for using it, or those unaware of the Z80 were inclined to purchase the 8080. It was also $50 less expensive, so I'm sure that was a factor in continued sales, but for many reasons, this is a rare item.

2008-05-27a 124.jpg (1735614 bytes)
Fully (almost!) Restored 8080 Processor Board


Most of the CPU boards I have acquired were in poor condition, sometimes due to poor assembly techniques or frustrated repair attempts, or often to an accumulation of small modifications poorly done or rushed. Combined with the effects of time, most of my boards require some restoration to make them operate again. Coupled with the fact that DG used the cheapest of the cheap IC sockets available, nearly every board made has intermittent problems that can often be cured only by replacing all of the aging sockets.

Whatever the condition, I never, ever power up any board without a thorough clean up and inspection under a magnifying glass. every board is evaluated carefully to determine the level of restoration needed. Sometimes this is just a good cleaning with minor solder clean up, other times it means a total tear-down and rebuild. If the circuit traces have lost plating or corrosion is visible on the board top side, tear-down is the only way to go.

2008-05-27a 097.jpg (1739587 bytes)
Bare 8080 Processor Board, Solder Side

The restored 8080 shown here is the same one in the photos below. I received it in poor condition, and restored it as shown above. Some of the reasons why I chose to tear-down this board were the use of dissimilar IC sockets--I hate that! 

As seen here, I have yet to power this board up. The tags seen on the chips are an indication that I have verified the chips as operational, part of my routine, but I haven't finished researching the modifications found originally on this board. I need to cross check with the schematic--something I just haven't gotten to yet!

8080 Card Information

8080_cpu.pdf - This is all I have on the hardware. :( Can you help with more? Please let me know!

8080_layout.jpg (200722 bytes)
8080 Processor Board, Layout


Photos Before Restoration:

IMG_2409a.jpg (1536023 bytes)
Too many things wrong here to even count

IMG_2413.JPG (2012814 bytes)
Sub-par solder job--unknown mods

IMG_2427.JPG (1879695 bytes)
Full tear-down, this is as far as I went


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